September 6, 2011

Tomorrow, we finally reach the last day of shooting! But today, we’re in Ashikaga. The setting of Chisato Moritaka’s Watarasebashi. The old fashioned atmosphere is full of flavor and emotion. I love it!

We met in front of the public hot spring bath! This place is two hours from Tokyo.

Shooting a special effects shot in an old alleyway.

Archivist “Demo” Tanaka is also front and center taking in everything with his camera.

We also built these rather Hideaki Anno-esque utility poles.
Utility poles are one of the most prominent gadgets on the Jellyfish Eyes set.

You can find the remnants of the Japan of thirty years ago here.

Testing a bicycle action shot.

Because of all the alleyways and one-way streets, it’s really difficult to control traffic and prevent cars from entering shots around here.

We attached a camera to a car for this low angle shot.

“THE Shaved Head”

Changing scenes, we head into the mountains. It’s really difficult carrying all this machinery! We have to work together!

The corner where we lay down all the equipment. We just had an encounter with a wild boar here. A huge one, straight out of Princess Mononoke walked right across the road. In fact, this place is wild boar heaven.

photo Murakami

Whoa, this mushroom is huge! And poisonous?

Art collector Takayuki Komatsubara heard about the shoot from the chief priest of the local temple and so he decided to stop by. …. If I had known he as coming, I would have asked him to be in one of the mob scenes!

Takayuki Komatsubara is a doctor. He gave us some special medicine that’s particularly useful for dealing with black fly/horse fly stings… and many other useful items.

Is this a horse fly or a black fly? Whatever it is, it’s sting is painful!

Taiwanese collector Greg Liu also stopped by.
We have a lot of visitors today.

Greg also brought us some cream puffs.

… the end of shooting at an illegal dumping ground.
It’s been a long battle and the sun is on it’s way down. The main staff, however, still have work to do. Emergency location scouting for tomorrow’s shoot. It’s an emergency. The place we had scheduled has been blown away by the storm!

photo Murakami

From the newly scouted location. We can see dragon’s nest clouds.

photo Murakami

The garden at Yakumo Shrine.
We’ve found our spot for tomorrow’s shoot! Tomorrow, we wrap.