September 3, 2011

We’re on the final stretch of shooting.
Staff are finally beginning to show signs of fatigue, but there’s no room for delays now. We’re shooting all day long on set and everyone is moving around like mad. I’ve long thought that we at Kaikai Kiki work pretty hard, but I’ve been taught once again that there’s always another level above you. I am impressed. This really is the pinnacle of the human ability to sew dreams. Filmmakers have my utmost respect, but the work is simply exhausting.

Skip City in the Saitama town of Kawaguchi.
They give special considerations (like lower daily rental fees) to companies based in Saitama Prefecture.

We crafted this pair from let over greenscreen material.
There’s no way to do green screen shooting without them.

Costume staff Nomura-san drew this passable likeness of Hiromi Kasuya (Oden-chan).

And here is the model, Oden-chan herself…
You’ll have to draw your own conclusions about the likeness.

Nishimura-san strips off skin from his sun-tanned crown as he looks over the schedule… Are we ever going to finish?!

Shooting here with a super-special lens from a Hoar periscope.

Making adjustments to the green screen.

Yamanaka-san gets a break from his green-fitted suit. “Uh, it’s hot, it’s so heavy, I can’t take it anymore.” Ah, but that’s the life when you’re in green-screen action. We’re sure all that suffering will pay off on screen.

Shoko Suzuki too makes her way on set.
She’s here to create the schedule chart for post production preparation.