August 28, 2011

Today, we charge headlong into the two scenes that have needed the most extras: the School Festival Scene and the Cult Scene!! I’m super excited.

Engaging in tense production cost negotiations with Nishimura Eizo Producer Fukui-san (kidding).

Discussing a composite shot with Nishimura-san, Kazuno-san, and Fukui-san.

An Octopus!! Oc-to-pus!

An infamous item used on set to control spending on paper cups.
We dry them out by hanging them upside down.

Shioszaki-san!! Hmm! Hmm???

Stylist Kazuki Yunoki and her husband.

What’s this?! That looks like a sign from the legendary School Festival Executive Commitee! Is this a revival?

Heeeey! Isn’t that the Miyoshi Studio Barbecue Party Icon?!
Shimi-chan and Rei Sato?

It’s the Samurai Cafe “Aku Soku Zan!”

Bouncy balls!


Caricature Jun!

Yakisoba check! “Is this sauce from Hiroshima?”

Daisuke Sato from catering. He made us okonomi-yaki on set!
It turns out he’s one of the top three caterers in Japan.

I Love♡…Aliens..

Taco-yaki… and extras.

Nishimura-san giving directions. Growl!

Karasawa-san directing the action.

Original clear plastic folder and autograph.

A special thanks to all our volunteer extras.

The battle continues… The school festival unit at sundown…

Discussing the details of the next day’s schedule. Chief Shiozaki does the honors!