September 1, 2011

It’s the first day of November and that means the start of typhoon season.
This actually makes it easier to read the weather patterns on location.

photo Murakami

A typhoon is on its way. Right on the outskirts of the set.

Every shot begins with Nishimiura explaining the procedure and setting the spots for each player. It’s the only then we begin shooting.

Issuing instructions to the actors via headset.

Preparing for another shot.

Yoshio Miyaki, action coordinator from ZERO’S.

photo Murakami


photo Murakami


photo Murakami

Fallen leaves.

Our base of operations.

Shooting against the green screen in the meeting room.

Everyone’s smiling, but… believe me, they’re not watching a manzai comedy show.

Such a surreal world!

photo Murakami

Kodama-san, organizing his lights.

photo Murakami

Discussing more green screen shooting for the next day.
Kazuno-san is cutting out each individual storyboard – snip snip.
We’ve already changed the previously set order of shots.
Today’s shooting ended at 2 PM.