Screening Schedule


Date Venue Location
2014.07.23, 24(Screening completed) APOLLO SPAZIOCINEMA MILAN, ITALY

North America Tour

Date Venue Location
2014.05.01(Screening completed) DALLAS MUSEUM OF ART DALLAS, TX
2014.05.01, 10, 11, 12, 25 and 26(Screening completed) INSTITUTE OF CONTENPORARY ART BOSTON, MA
2014.05.02, 03, 04(Screening completed) HENRY ART GALLERY SEATTLE, WA
2014.05.25(Screening completed) MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART CHICAGO, IL
2014.05.30(Screening completed) THE THEATRE AT THE ACE HOTEL LOS ANGELES, CA
2014.06.01(Screening completed) FILM SOCIETY OF LINCOLN CENTER NEW YORK, NY
2014.06.05(Screening completed) ASIAN ART MUSEUM SAN FRANCISCO, CA


Date Venue Location
2013.04.26(Screening completed) Dino’s Cinema Sapporo Hokkaido
2013.07.13(Screening completed) Forum Hachinobe Aomori
2013.07.06(Screening completed) Forum Morioka Iwate
2013.06.22(Screening completed) Forum Sendai Miyagi
2013.07.13(Screening completed) Forum Yamagata Yamagata
2013.07.13(Screening completed) MOVIE ON Yamagata Yamagata
2013.07.20(Screening completed) Forum Fukushima Fukushima
2013.06.01(Screening completed) Aeon Cinema Shimotsuma Ibaraki
2013.07.20(Screening completed) Forum Nasu Shiobara Tochigi
2013.06.01(Screening completed) Aeon Cinema Takasaki Gunma
2013.06.08(Screening completed) Aeon Cinema Choshi Chiba
2013.04.26(Screening completed) TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Tokyo
2013.04.26(Screening completed) Cinema Mediage Tokyo
2013.05.18(Screening completed) Shinagawa Prince Cinema Tokyo
2013.04.26(Screening completed) TOHO Cinemas Lalaport Yokohama Kanagawa
2013.04.26(Screening completed) TOHO Cinemas Kawasaki Kanagawa
2013.06.29(Screening completed) Warner Mycal Cinemas Niigata Niigata
2013.07.06(Screening completed) Warner Mycal Cinemas Okyozuka Ishikawa
2013.07.06(Screening completed) Fukui Korona Cinema World Fukui
2013.06.08(Screening completed) TOHO Cinemas Malera Gifu Gifu
2013.06.08(Screening completed) Cinecity Zart Shizuoka
2013.04.26(Screening completed) TOHO Cinemas Nagoya Bay City Aichi
2013.06.01(Screening completed) Aeon Cinema Okazaki Aichi
2013.04.26(Screening completed) TOHO Cinemas Umeda Osaka
2013.04.26(Screening completed) TOHO Cinemas Namba Osaka
2013.04.26(Screening completed) TOHO Cinemas Nijo Kyoto
2013.06.29(Screening completed) Warner Mycal Cinemas Kuwana Mie
2013.06.22(Screening completed) Warner Mycal Cinemas Kusatsu Shiga
2013.05.18(Screening completed) Cinelibre Kobe Hyogo
2013.07.13(Screening completed) Cinema Clair Okayama
2013.07.13(Screening completed) Hiroshima Salon Cinema Hiroshima
2013.08.24(Screening completed) T-Joy Izumo Shimane
2013.06.22(Screening completed) Warner Mycal Cinemas Hofu Yamaguchi
2013.06.29(Screening completed) Warner Mycal Cinemas Utazu Kagawa
2013.06.22(Screening completed) Cinema Sunshine Emifull MASAKI Ehime
2013.06.08(Screening completed) TOHO Cinemas Kochi Kochi
2013.04.26(Screening completed) TOHO Cinemas Tenjin Fukuoka
2013.07.06(Screening completed) Kokura Korona Cinema World Fukuoka
2013.06.08(Screening completed) TOHO Cinemas Nagasaki Nagasaki
2013.06.08(Screening completed) TOHO Cinemas Hikari no Mori Kumamoto
2013.06.08(Screening completed) TOHO Cinemas Oita Wasada Oita
2013.06.29(Screening completed) Tenmonkan Cinema Paradise Kagoshima
2013.09.21(Screening completed) Miyazaki Kinemakan Miyazaki