August 25, 2011

Today is our first break in shooting for a long while. Ten days to be exact… but even there’s no footage being taken, there’s still no time for the main players to rest. This afternoon, I will be meeting with Nishimura-san as usual.

With that said, this is the first time in days that I’ve made it back to my Moto-azabu office. I may be on shooting a movie but the gallery below the office and our gallery in Taipei are still in full swing. In fact, there’s actually a large art fair going on in Taipei. I have a lot of paperwork to take care of…

On the second floor taking care of administrative work that’s been piling up. Sigh. Time just keep on slipping away.

This is what Producer Kasahara’s Moto-azabu desk looks like. Half bent over and still giving orders!

Legal staff Daisuke Murakoshi. Now employed here for two years. A rare Kaikai Kiki survivor.

Yusuke Nakaya creating these web diaries in HTML.

Third floor: Modern visual information research wing.