September 5, 2011

Including today, there’s only 3 days til wrap.
Here, we’re shooting around a temple and graveyard.
There’s a lot of cast on set and it’s been a struggle to keep everyone calm.

It’s a big production now. For each shot, we have as many 50 people working.
And of course, it’s up to the production staff once again to organize everything.

Production staff Yuji Saito.
I wonder if he’s drafting the next day’s charts…?

On location at a temple.

This tôrô lantern was knocked over by the earthquake.

The graveyard. Reminds me of “Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro”.

Makeup assistant Junko Watanabe.

Preparing the next shot location with the staff from the art and props department.

We gather fallen leaves… and then we wrap them.

Making a Jizo statue for special effects purposes.

The typhoon still hasn’t fully passed us over, so it’s very humid. And hot.

Because we’re under the typhoon’s tail, the clouds are also moving rather unpredictably. We spent much time on weather checking the whole day.

Adjusting focus via remote control.
Adjustments are made by hand for all kinds of distances. Even with advances in technology, art still relies on man’s sixth sense and taste.

Arata Yamanaka from Zeros has emerged from his suit.
“Need energy…! Water!”

photo Murakami

A poster hung on the temple grounds. Jellyfish Eyes is being made with exactly this kind of juvenile aesthetic.

photo Murakami

I used to be a kid too… Now I’m pulling up those memories as I travel with my protagonists.