August 10, 2011

Day 3 of Shooting
Creating and sleep… I am always dealing with the problem of balancing the two. As a contemporary artist, I often find myself traveling abroad which means lots of jet lag. Upon arriving at the museum or gallery hosting my show, I often collapse instantly on the floor and fall asleep. On one occasion, I even entered the museum in the morning and slept until 7 PM, being laughed at by staff in the process. Despite the response, I believe that it is impossible to create art without sleep. The ability to grasp an idea depends on whether we are fully prepared to do so when the moment comes. Like a surfer waiting for a wave, a big wave. It’s a skill… or so I believe.

At the basic level, I am someone who has long given upon the idea that I have any miraculous permanent natural talent. Instead, I surround myself with people with high ability and prepare my nerves for the wave. A person with that sort of talent, a genius wave rider, relies on their intuition and they find themselves unable to cope if they are not in perfect condition. And that is why I sleep. I keep my brain flexible so that when the flash of inspiration comes, I do not let it pass me by. For that reason, I sleep. But now I’m making a film… and I’m dealing with time lag from traveling in Japan. I wake up at 4:30 Am and the shoot ends between 7 and 9. I’m sleepy… and that is why, finally… I slept on set.

Nishimura-san, Shio-chan-san: please accept my apologies. This has turned in to a very long excuse…. (but I’m serious about most of it.)

Our first day of shooting with extras. Thanks to everyone for braving the boiling heat to come on out.

Taiga Morishita is one of the first to try on the staff t-shirts. He is a costuming assistant and a new recruit at Kazuki Yunoki’s office.

Checking things on the monitor on set. It’s really hot!! Manabu Matsumoto from Special effects kept wiping sweat off his legs with Gatsby wet tissues. “It’s a great way to cool down.”

Manabu (Gatsby) Matsumoto from Special Effects.