August 24, 2011

Maintain a consistent visual identity throughout many locations. Be it rain or sunshine, take care of each scene, one by one. That is the daily life of a live action film crew. Building on that shared vocabulary, we continue to make adjustments in the cuts and progression of each scene.

Asking questions about the schedule with Toru Mizuishi, head of VFX Studio Buckhorn. Post production will be the key to the entire work!

Summer clouds. Nagano-san is sure to shoot them.

Production staff Yuki Nakajima speaking with Assistant Director Shiozaki.

Me, working on this very production diary…. During the lunch break, you’ll find me slogging through! No! That should be charging…. right?


Lights Fluorescent lamps)

Chargers for headsets. On set, everyone communicates via headset throughout the day.