8/10 Production Snapshot Diary

August 18, 2012
The camera we’re using this time is an Alexa」. For Jellyfish Eyes 1, we used an “F3” so the photography quality is much higher this time.
Today we’re filming a mob scene.
It’s a gathering of the followers of the religious cult which appears in the story.
200 people! That’s a big cult!
And for some reason, there’s mandalas on the wall.
Their main prayer is “onmari shesowaka”
T-shirts presented to the extras.
What’s this… Oz Zingaro artist Aso Kojima! He drove 4 hours from Nagano just to be here.
In the center is hair and makeup staff Hiroko Makise.
Chieko Shimizu, who also did hair and makeup for Jellyfish Eyes 1. She creates a hairstyle for each and every one of the extras.
And since she lives nearby, she also brought watermelons for everyone.
The traces of a cult stampede!
Myself and Nishimura discussing our love of mob scenes.
Behind the scenes documentary staff Masatoshi Saito. He’s done making of videos for a whole ot of films. He even worked on the recent “Helter Skelter”!