8/30 Production Snapshot Diary

September 20, 2012
Haga-san, who is known as “Gah-hah”! A full smile. “Welcoooome!”
Art department assistant Kuroiwa-san. Summer! Man juice! Jururi!
Today’s lunch was from Popeyes.
Yunoki-san, styling the children.
Holding up umbrellas for the children extras, Genshimon Kazuyuki Mitani (left) and production assistant Kobayashi-san (right).
Kaikai Kiki’s Koichiro Endo distributing cold tea in his Italian cap! “It’s cooold!”
Yuta-kun, prop sortie!
Shooting on location at the elementary school. So incredibly sunny, like “El Topo”?
Watching the monitor at the base. Today is so hot we feel like we’re going to die.
Lunch. “Today we have a nighter too…!” Exhausting just thinking about what lies ahead in the day.
Changing locations!! A pre-school. This wall was drawn just for this.
The entrance. We create a brand-new sign, and then paint it to look tattered…
Our production tools.
Equipment, transporting them…makes me dizzy just thinking about it.
Kaikai Kiki’s Miyazaki is coordinating the wrap party. “Uh, hellooo. I’m calling to ask about your organic food…”
A bonus: Movie still Koiketaka-san teaches us how to catch a dragonfly.
You slowly approach it with a wooden chopstick.
And it transfers onto the chopstick.
Slowly bring it to your mouth.
A lesson on how to eat a dragonfly… (Though he didn’t eat it.)