8/23 Production Snapshot Diary

September 15, 2012
Today we’re shooting action scenes again at Nikkatsu Studios.
Checking today’s course of events, Production Chief Mio Nakajima-san.
Clapperboard and storyboard.
Make-up Department.
Costume Department.
Plastic coloring…huh?
Gift #1.
Gift #2.
smart Editor-in-Chief Ota-san also dropped by.
Gift #3.
Gift #4. So many gifts today!
The “Bijutsu Techo” Editorial Team. From left: Yoko Fujita-san, Atsushi Fukai-san, Editor-in-Chief Teiya Iwabuchi-san.
Hand-made pickled eggplants, compliments of Hair and Make-up Artist Shimizu-san’s mother. Delicious.
Art Department Tatsuya Kuroiwa-san.
Hair and Make-up Assistant Hiroko Makise-san in a staff t-shirt again today.
Each department has created a base, and is preparing, preparing for tomorrow and beyond.
Louis Vuitton panda
Miyata-san was in a good mood today.