8/24 Production Snapshot Diary

September 15, 2012
Today we’re shooting all day on the road.
Camera overhang.
In order to block the road, the production team, direction team and costume team is out in full force!
And that’s still not enough, so we’ve called in people from the security company.
Whistle, whistle!
A blockade for this side road.
And, inside the bus.
Me, I’m going to sleep.
Kodamacchi in a hammock…leisurely.
Kishizuka-san lying inside a trunk…this is a secret hiding spot for sending messages to the actors regarding the shoot.
Blockade until late afternoon, as we film. Ready, annnnd, action!
A nice-looking bar that I found on the way home in Tokyo. When are we going to be able to relax in a place like this…