8/27 Production Snapshot Diary

September 15, 2012
Today we’re at Shibaura Tabloid Studio. I remember the Louis Vuitton parties here back in the day…(I just attended.)
Drawing pictures in the morning.
Everyone drawing pictures, 2 minutes per picture!!
A and B cam again today.
I can’t check both at the same time!
Panda in the rubble…no…it’s Yonda? kun.
Being crushed by the rubble.
And Shio-chan, who has suddenly thrown out his back…I have a bad feeling about this.
Miyata-san has overstretched a ligament, along with many other small injuries!! Shooting without a break is creating a strain.
The CG team meeting about this and that.
Lighting chief Kosaka-san. Lunch….eat away.