8/8 Prodution Snapshot Diary

August 12, 2012
Day 6 of shooting.
Our morning location shoot was troubled by some red dragonflies.
What the?! Gunpowder…
Since it was such a clear day, we shot a photo for the cover of the upcoming Jellyfish Eyes 2 Ketsumeishi soundtrack album (obviously a lie).
Production Chief Daisuke Muramatsu. He’s in charge of everything from making sure cast and staff get where they need to go to location hunting and lunch arrangements
One of the hardest parts of location shooting is controlling automobile traffic. If there was an accident, we’d be in big trouble.
Production staff Yuji Saito. He’s always thinking of the next step. Up early in the morning and work til dawn – this is the life of a film industry professional. It’s only love of movies that keeps them going.
The rubberized and cellophane tapes used by the art department. So many varieties.
A mold for a wig that’s certainly seen better days.
VFX Supervisor Hideaki Maegawa. He’s really into it today.
Here the production and performance teams go over the preparations for an action shot involving bicycles. A sense of speed is important so they plot out the movement and angles.