8/11 Production Snapshot Diary

August 18, 2012
Hair and makeup artist Chieko Shimizu-san’s makeup kit.
In a film, because there are a certain number of cuts we must get through in one day, the set tends to get very tense. Shimizu-san doesn’t forget to bring warmth and a sense of peace to such a set.
Nishimura-san is going over the emotional arch for today’s dramatic scenes and I’m checking the art props and creature design.
The house we’re using as a set. Crowded together in such a confined space, but moving forward.
Third Assistant Director Yugo Haga-san, also known as “Gah-hah”. He brings laughter to the set again today with his Joker T-shirt.
And here is a video of Gah-hah-san in all his glory! This is the reality on-set. Check out the video here.
Both Sound and Lighting are trying to make the absolute most of the small space.
Sound Man Ichiro Hoshi-san. “How old is Director Murakami? What? 50? Wow, we’re both born in the year of the tiger.” He is 74 years old. And he has more energy than me. Seriously.
Tennis balls.
No matter how small the residential streets are, we still have the same amount of equipment.
An incredible amount of things brought in.
To hang the lighting from the second floor, we build an aluminum rack.
The rain doesn’t stop us from shooting!
Shooting a nighter!
And tonight’s final shot! Along with Gah-hah-san’s “Tagosaku” outfit1