8/7 Production Snapshot Diary

August 12, 2012
Today we worked with huge lights that showed off the best of what the lighting crew can do.
Take a look! Is this scene drawing on psychedelic culture?!
3rd lighting assistant Daisuke Miura.
2nd lighting assistant Tomohiro Nito.
And now the manages the mixing, Jun Kodama. Kodama-san stumbled upon this work by chance. After spending a year studying in New Zealand in his 20’s he had decided to live abroad for a while and upon returning temporarily to Japan, took up a part time job doing lightning. Now he’s the senior member of his team at 32 years old. I guess we can say he has lived abroad, in the fantasy world of the movies he makes.
Lighting equipment is provided by the former studio of the world famous Kurosawa.
Today, as ever, chief 2nd assistant director Shiozaki looks over the new copy of the script for consistency and matches the details with the day’s schedule. It’s an intellectual puzzle that never seems to end.
And here is Shiozaki-san’s masterpiece. A quickly revised master schedule and plan.
We found this rather quaint grafitti in the back of the Nikkatsu studios.