8/20 Production Snapshot Diary

September 8, 2012
Today we’re on location in Chiba. Whoa! Kensaku Morita is still Governor!
The morning sunshine’s so bright!
shadow-san, who does the car stunts.
Akihiko Sai-san… “Jellyfish Eyes (Eyes)” is not this kind of film.
Physical Effects Department・STEP-san’s blowing jet.
Shiozaki-san is using the clapperboard to draw the conceptual diagram for the placement of the automobiles.
Like this, in relation to the building.
And the sun sets again today. Shooting outside makes us realize how many airplanes fly in the sky all day long. They’re absolutely everywhere…

8/19 Production Snapshot Diary

September 7, 2012
Today we’re at Nikkatsu 7 studio.
Today’s guest, TamStar Records.
Yu Tamura-san of INCS toenter. He is the president of the management company for kz-san, who did the music for “Jellyfish Eyes 1”.
JNTHED-kun is working at Nikkatsu again today. Seeing the sets, discussing with the staff, he creates the mechanical world of “Jellyfish Eyes 2”.
And Greenman.
Gah-hah-san’s board.
In the center, Action Director Shimomura-san’s perfect pose.
Helping with the action scenes, the blond Masaki Suzumura-san (right) and Inadome-san (left). Suzumura-san is a solo Action Director himself. His most well known works include “The Machine Girl” and “Robo Geisha”.
For some reason there are a lot of pro-wrestling fans on our production team.
Watching the monitor and feeling like I can do the action myself.
We’re not arguing here. We’re organizing the camera blocking.

8/18 Production Snapshot Diary

September 7, 2012
This photo diary is comprised of photos selected from a few photographers’ shots, making sure not to touch on the content of the film. The main photographers are Mana Shiraishi-san and Teruhiko Fukushima-san). In addition are Masanori Kobori-san, Mitoki Nakano-san, Noriko Nakamura-san, and Murakami’s iPhone snapshots.
Selections are made from the 500-1000 photos taken daily. First they are compiled, marked and re-selected. Murachi-kun from Genshimon is in charge. He is cutting up the selected photos with his scissors.
An important task for Saito-san in Production, who compiles the receipts from all of the documents.
Here everyone is rechecking the storyboard in order to decide on the camera blocking for the day.
Here I am rechecking the schedule I created for myself.
And what do you know, a rainbow. Over Nikkatsu studios.
And today the green screen again!
Drying the green man’s hand gloves…sweat!
Today we’re using a steady cam for the action shots. Kenichi Taguchi-san is the operator.
Pro-wrestling watching buds Shiozaki-san and Komatsu Yoshio-san. In matching Minoru Suzuki T-shirts.
T-shirt graffiti.
This one is a E.T. revival anniversary T-shirt.
From the left, Naoto Nishiwaki-san who does plugsuit production, Yuya Takahashi-san who does molding, and Yuta-kun.
These two from our sculpture collaborator Lucky Wide came by the studio for a visit. From the right, Chief Hiroki Iijima-san, and Makoto Dohi-san also known as “Dopicchu”.
And the guests keep arriving. Yoshio Suzuki-san also known as “Fukuhen” (left). And Kaiyodo Managing President Shuichi Miyawaki-san (right).
“Jellyfish Eyes” book project editors Hisanori Nukada-san and Yuri Morita-san.