8/13 Production Snapshot Diary

August 31, 2012
The “Jellyfish Eyes 2” blog has stopped completely at 8/12. I’m writing this now on 8/29. Kodamacchi of the Lighting Team just told me, “I really look forward to your blog posts, but there haven’t been any updates lately”, so I am now resuming, though it will be at a snail’s pace. In the middle here is Kodama-san, or “Kodamacchi”. He is measuring the air quality. Today we’re filming the climactic scene in Kisaratsu, Chiba. The weather today was a continuation of miracles!
The lighting team. From the left: Occhi-san and Neet-san.
Enjoy this very manly portrait of Nagano-san in Production.
Discussing camera blocking with Nishimura-san.
Doing a simulation of the camerawork from atop the crane.
Nagano-san cutting an angle.
A huge crane. A man’s workplace!
Board! The scene number, cut number, and take number are written.
Second Assistant Director Yuki Kishizuka-san, checking the camera movement.
Art Department Third, Tatsuya Kuroiwa-san.
In charge of Production is Yuji Saito-san or “Sai-chan”. The transporting of equipment is very tough on location. Moving to the right and left with each cut.
Masatoshi Saito-san with the behind-the-scenes camera work. His nickname is Masa Saito.
Filming Chief Mio Nakajima-san’s board.
Production Chief Daisuke Muramatsu-san.
Production Trainee Yusuke Okamoto-kun.
President of special machinery company TRACK, Yasuhisa Shiomi-san has huge hands! And he works so hard. He is most passionate about educating his young staff. “Are you forgetting that you’re receiving money to work here?!”
Hideyuki Yamamoto-san of Digital Frontier.
Thinking up the logo etc. for the villain Azito.
Nothing begins without Hie-pita! (Cooling pads)
We must shoot one cut after another or we will “never make it”.
Monitor check. Where I belong.
And finally to the Nikkatsu set! Art Director Sasaki-san. He is feeling the rush to completion.