8/21 Production Snapshot Diary

September 15, 2012
Ready, aaannnnnd, aye!! Echo in the green again today.
Tsukimura-san, Special Machinery.
Shiomi-san, President of the Specialized Machinery Company TRACK.
And another day of people floating in front of the green screen.
Duo in staff t-shirts. Still Photographer Taka Koike-san (right). Filming Assistant Mitsuyo Wada-san (left).
Staff t-shirt. Yusuke Okamoto-san.
Two people with receding hairlines. “Jellyfish Eyes 1” Additional Filming Assistant Director Yamamoto-san (right).
Kasahara of Kaikai Kiki is teaching Miyazaki-san about what it means to be the press manager.
And SWITCHEditor-in-chief Shin Ino-san at Nikkatsu. (Second from left). Presenting our film to him.
Fumi Komatsu-san of Cinema Today) (left) also came. Sawako Koie-san of Oricon DDas well. Pleasant chat.
Art critic Noi Sawaragi and family.
They say the beer was stolen. Is this really Japan?! Lawless backwoods!!