8/19 Production Snapshot Diary

September 7, 2012
Today we’re at Nikkatsu 7 studio.
Today’s guest, TamStar Records.
Yu Tamura-san of INCS toenter. He is the president of the management company for kz-san, who did the music for “Jellyfish Eyes 1”.
JNTHED-kun is working at Nikkatsu again today. Seeing the sets, discussing with the staff, he creates the mechanical world of “Jellyfish Eyes 2”.
And Greenman.
Gah-hah-san’s board.
In the center, Action Director Shimomura-san’s perfect pose.
Helping with the action scenes, the blond Masaki Suzumura-san (right) and Inadome-san (left). Suzumura-san is a solo Action Director himself. His most well known works include “The Machine Girl” and “Robo Geisha”.
For some reason there are a lot of pro-wrestling fans on our production team.
Watching the monitor and feeling like I can do the action myself.
We’re not arguing here. We’re organizing the camera blocking.