8/16 Production Snapshot Diary

September 3, 2012
Production department Koyama-san (left) and Sai-chan (right). Wonder what they’re cracking up about?
Early in the morning, we’re meeting about the re-filming of PART 1. With Assistant Director Hideyuki Yamamoto-san, Hideaki Maegawa-san of Digital Frontier, and storyboarder Shinji Nishikawa-san.
Nagano-san, who is using the camera remote again today to control the camerawork from high above.
Gah-hah-san and Shio-chan, readjusting the schedule daily.
Figuring out the daily schedule by reviewing the new overall schedule.
Scenery 1.
Scenery 2.
Mana Shiraishi-san, catching scenery shots. We hear her main job is creating behind-the-scenes videos.
Teaming up with Koike-san is still cameraman Yoko Matsuyama-san.
Kohinata-san is helping out the Lighting team.
Editing everyday is Yosuke Yafune-san.
Costume Assistant Osumi-chan (right) is training the young staff strictly this year.
Scenery 3.
Special machinery, Tadashi Yokoyama-san.
Special machinery, Aikou-san.
Noitamina producer Koji Yamamoto dropped by the studio today.
Yuetsu Murakami-san. He supervised the CG for “Six Hearts Princess”, and as fate would have it, he is now helping us with the post-production for “Jellyfish Eyes 1”.
Honeyee.com Editor-in-chief Tetsuya Suzuki-san is here.
Targets for CG.
What is this?
The action team is sparring again today.
Look at Uchigasaki-san! This shot! Talk about an action team!