8/4 Production Snapshot Diary

August 9, 2012
Shooting again today @Ashikaga.
And just what is this?

A tool used for lighting developed by 4th assistant Yoshitsuge Ochiai.

Murakami deep in thought during a rare appearance at a production meeting… This year as well, matters on set continue to be run by Nishimura-san and Nagano-san.
Pamphlets on radiation found at the local community center. Reality has already meshed with science fiction (in a bad way…)_
On the left, line producer Satoru Takei .On the right, sound man Ichiro Hoshi. A portrait of social life on set.
The making-of crew. From left, chief still photographer Taka Koike, KK still photographer Teruhiko Fukushima, and assistnt Naofumi Yamamoto.
Everything is designed, down to the last detail!