8/1 Production Snapshot Diary

August 5, 2012
And we’re back for a second year. It’s the Jellyfish Eyes 2 Summer Shooting Extravaganza! Nishimura-san, Shio-chan-san, Nagano-san, Yunoki-san san – all the familiar faces from last year are here. “Ai! Yoi! Staaato!”
There he is! Yoshihiro Nishimura. My partner in crime for the Jellyfish Eyes series. Through good times and bad, we’ve charged headlong into our second year. Thanks for everything.
And the stylist who introduced us to Mr. Nishimura – Kazuki Yunoki. She’s really helped us out on countless projects!
The story begins in the sacred city of Tsukmo.
Here I am liasing with Art director Sasaki about set design. Presentations are done on ipads.
And here we are for another year at Yakumo Shrine.
These buses we’ve rented seem a little big…
And we’ve been blessed with on-set box lunches.
A squirt gun… and it’s not a toy. When the cicadas get so noisy we can’t record any sound, we scare them off with this.
We’re finished shooting and the sun is setting… which means tons of people moving at once.